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The Certificate of Completion is an official document issued by IJNGP states that you have completed the course. This certification proves your professional development and knowledge of the topic.

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IJNGP is dedicated to promoting the study and research in the areas of Neurolinguistics, Gestalt Psychology and Therapy.

Course Curriculum

Language Patterns by Aarti Asrani
  • Language Patterns
  • Anchoring
  • Power of Words
  • Doubts and discussions
Traumatic Responses and how we organise data in our neurology by Anil Thomas
  • Memory of an Event
  • Impact of an Event
  • Changing an Event
  • Distortion of an Event
Practical Therapeutic skills by Krithika Akkaraju
  • Being in The Here & Now
  • The Profession of Helping
  • Therapeutic Presence Part 1
  • Therapeutic Presence Part 2
  • Therapeutic Presence Part 3
  • Contract for Change
Relationships by Dippal Chheda
  • Roles in a Relationship
  • Open Communication
  • Love Language
  • Importance of Love Language
  • Understanding Love Language
  • Conclusion
Secrets a Therapist Should Know by Kalpa Shah
  • Role of a Therapist Part - 1
  • Role of a Therapist Part - 2
  • Role of a Patient
  • Here and Now
Beyond cultural conditioning by Nidhi Nair
  • Factors Influencing Cultural Conditioning Part - 1
  • Factors Influencing Cultural Conditioning Part - 2
Self talk by Nandita Mittal
  • Constructive & Dysfunctional
  • Changing Dyfunctional Thinking
  • Pattern of Self Talk
  • Re-frame Self Talk
Being in the Here and Now. How to Focus on the Client and Not the Problem by Rekha Upadhyay
  • Type of Listening
  • Being a Mirror To a Client
  • Client & Therapist
  • Explanation of the Demo
Belief system and how we process reality by Sabita Ranganathan
  • Facts on our Beliefs Systems part 1
  • Facts on our Beliefs Systems part 2
  • Types of Beliefs
  • How We Take In Reality
  • How To Change Our Belief
Exploration of Biases by Shruti Srinivasan
  • Key Concepts on biases
  • Are we Biased
  • Types of Biases
  • How do biases effect us at work
Change is possible by Sushma Sharma
  • Fear..
  • Law of Waster Efforts
  • Negative Emotions We Don't Let Go Of
  • Do You Want To Change
  • Change Is Possible
Topic Body Positivity by Aastha Kamra
  • Body Positivity Part 1
  • Body Positivity Part 2
  • Body Positivity Part 3
  • Body Positivity Part 4
  • Body Positivity Part 5