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Project Inspire is intended to take the spirit of learning a notch higher. As trainers, course curators, or subject matter experts, we must know how to create content for ourselves, and here we are providing you with a platform where you are free to showcase your creativity and get feedback on your work.

As for the consumer, we are all short on time and hence miss out on the wisdom given by the experts, but here at Project Inspire, the consumer gets the book's essence and gets a creative point of view to experience. 

We are all working for a cause and helping Umang raise funds for educating children; one annual registration is equal to a child's early education for a year.

Thanks a lot for trusting the field and for your commitment. Let's get started!

Now that you have decided to be a part of this beautiful endeavour, I am sure you have chosen your book; as the top must-read.

The whole focus now for you should be on that one thing you want your participants to take back with them. 

Now is the time to showcase your creativity.

Do feel free to take some time and fill in this document. You will become much more familiar with the book's concepts and be able to align it better with the core message.

This section will explain the importance of learning objectives in choosing your topic. 

Look up Bloom's taxonomy verbs to help you create your learning objective.

Here is a link to a video which will help you in this process.